Sayurii Creation is above all customization by a passionate artist. I offer you the customization of shoes, jeans or leather jacket, handbag handmade, etc... with a unique bespoke, specialized geek-themed design.

Customization can go through the world of manga, comics, video games, just describe your project to me on the Quote page.

You will of course have a preview of your project, which is why you are asked for as much information as possible. I customize shoes such as Nike airforce one, Nike court vision, Air Jordan 1 low/mid, Adidas stan smith, Vans, Puma, Converse or other sneakers with a surface suitable for painting.

The pair of shoes is provided by you, new, delivered directly to my workshop or delivered by hand if you are from the area.


As a painter and a geek since my adolescence, I have always had at heart to reproduce the images that I liked.

In 2021, I lost the flame that gave me a taste for painting... then one day, while browsing my social networks, I came across a customeur. I thought his work was really cool and tried myself on a pair for my nephew. This is where the passion returned.

So, in October 2021 I launched my self-business. I have since expanded my passion to other medium. With each realization, I take pleasure in painting each part and each detail of the requests of my customers.


Each customization is UNIQUE : This is my watchword.

You come see me for a customization, I make it a point of honor that it suits you and that each theme is different. For example, I can have 4 One Piece themes with Luffy and Zoro as characters: the 4 customizations will be with different visuals!


My creations are 100% handmade with high quality paint designed for Sneakarts leather and fabrics.

It is a paint made in France, and formulated on a water basis, without acrylics or toxic solvents. It is therefore more respectful of the environment and less harmful to health.